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White Widow

White Widow is a hybrid strain that is 60% indica and 40% sativa. White Widow is an extremely popular medical marijuana strain; constantly talked about in rap songs and frequently mentioned in the TV show Weeds.

White Widow was developed in Holland; there are two stories regarding who created the White Widow strain. One version is that White Widow was discovered by a breeder named Ingemar, this strain was called Arnhem’s Wonder and it had already won several cannabis cups. Ingemar had a very famous coffee shop and he would sell clones from his cannabis cup winning plant. Arjan from GreenHouse Seeds bought a male and female clone and breed them this leads us to the second version. The Second is that Shantibaba who was a co-founder of Greenhouse Seeds along with Arjan, created White Widow by a using a sativa landrace from Brazil mother named Manga Rosa and a South Indian Keralan hybrid that Shantibaba obtained while traveling through India. He cross them and eventually the White Widow strain came out.

White Widow is one of the more powerful strains of marijuana in the world, alongside with AK-47 and Afghan Kush. White Widow has been tested at 20% to 25% THC. When it first was released in 1995 it won the High Times Cannabis Cup.

White Widow is an indoor strain, but it can also be grown outdoors. White Widow is a pretty easy strain to cultivate if you any decent amount of experience growing marijuana. This is due to it’s resistance to mold and colder climates.

Indoor White Widow will grow at least 2 feet high and will yield about 800 grams per square meter; flowering is 8 weeks but if you extended an extra 2 weeks White Widow will give you the “snow white” look that is known for. In order to increase bud crystallization during the last 2 weeks, reduce the amount of light from 12 hours to 8 hours, this will put the plant into stress mode and it will produce a lot more crystals in order to protect the plant.

White Widow buds are extremely thick with tons of trichomes and a lot of very long thick orange hairs. It has an incredible strong smell that can be smelled from across the room, it has slight spicy fruity scent that will be unforgettable.

White Widow is a favorite among smokers due to it’s sweet tasting smoke, although White Widow looks soft and sweet, be prepared because it’s well know that White Widow is a “one-hit wonder”.

Medical marijuana patients use White Widow to treat stress pain and anxiety.

“Nice strain covered with crystals and good effects for pain relief but a little to cloudy for daytime use. makes me happy hungry and sleepy”

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