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White Rhino

White Rhino is a hybrid medical marijuana strain off the famous White Widow strain. White Rhino is a 90% Indica/10% Sativa. White Rhino genetics come from a cross of between Brazilian x South Indian x Afghani.

While White Rhino tends to be short to mid-size, if grown on hydroponics especially on DWC systems, yield will be triple compared to organic soil grows.

White Rhino has short thick branches with compact internodes. White Rhino is preferred by growers with space limitations; especially those that have “closet” grow rooms. White Rhino plants that are grown in 5 gallon containers will finish their flowering period at around 5 feet tall. Even when White Rhino plants have “unlimited” root space, they will grow no taller than 6 feet.

White Rhino was awarded 2nd place at the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup in the Bio Cup category.

Flowering time indoors is about 9 weeks and outdoors you can expect to harvest in the last week of September.

Yields can vary quite a bit, if grown indoors on organic soil with a single 600 hps you can expect around 135 grams per plant, but if White Rhino is grown on hydroponics the yield will be massive and you can expect around 960 grams per plant. While this is not a 5 to 8 pound monster like Grand Daddy Purple, 960 grams it’s pretty impressive considering White Rhino is 90% indica.

White Rhino buds look very large, dense and extremely crystallized. They have a light olive green hue and appeared to be covered in ice frosting. Some first time smokers usually cower in fear when they see a prime White Rhino bud.

White Rhino buds smell very earthy with hints of berry, and slight spicy. White Rhino has an incredible smell. White Rhino has a deceiving taste, as you inhale you will get a very sweet tangy smell, but as you exhale it feels extremely peppery, while this might sound extremely unpleasant it’s not.

White Rhino has been tested in the 20% THC range, so be careful. White Rhino is a creeper. It’s extremely strong and not suited for beginner smokers. White Rhino provides an narcotic effect that will couchlock anyone. Too much White Rhino and say “night night”.

White Rhino is used to treat stress, pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

“I really enjoy this because it took the pain away and instead of crying because of. He pain I could actually smile again and actually not feel the pain.”

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