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Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is a medical marijuana strain created by Lawrence Ringo of Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. Sour Tsunami is wildly known as being one of the first strains to be specifically bred for high CBD content instead of the usual high THC.

Sour Tsunami was created by crossing Sour Diesel with NYC Diesel for about 4 years, and then crossed back with a Sour Diesel clone, this particular cross was called Double Diesel. Eventually, Double Diesel was crossed with a strain from a grower in Humboldt County called Ferrari. The offspring of Double Diesel was then crossed with a Sour Diesel male and Sour Tsunami was born.

Sour Tsunami has been tested at several labs and has come out with CBD levels as high as 11% and THC levels under 10%.

Sour Tsunami is a hybrid with about 40% indica and 60% sativa.

Like many CBD strains, Sour Tsunami does not possess a 100% chance of containing high levels of CBD, Sour Tsunami has a 25% chance.

Sour Tsunami has a flowering period of 9 weeks, producing extremely dark green buds with dark green leaves with a purple hue.

Sour Tsunami has the familiar musky diesel smell thanks to it’s Diesel parents.

Medical patients including it’s creator use Sour Tsunami to treat all kinds of pain.

Mr. Lawrence Ringo created Sour Tsunami to treat his back pain. Mr Ringo doesn’t have any disk on his 3rd and 4th vertrebate, and since he didn’t want to take any dangerous opiate based pain killers, he only used Sour Tsunami to treat his pain. Some patients have reported pain to be completely gone in less than 15 minutes after medicating with Sour Tsunami

"Sour Tsunami- A very unique strain bred for its CBD content. Fantastic Sour Diesel-ish taste with hints of sweet, sour, and earthy evergreen. The Sour Tsunami is a proven pain reducer and inflammation fighter. This strain is for anyone looking for a low THC strain with all the benefits of CBD. Great for morning or night, Sour Tsunami works where other strains fall short."

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