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Sour Diesel

Learn to Grow Top Shelf Cannabis from a True Master

Sour Diesel is one of the most well known strains among recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike, and for good reason.

It took us years of searching, but we finally found a master grower so familiar with Sour Diesel that he can even teach first-time growers how to grow this otherwise temperamental strain like a pro. Resulting in maximum potency, high yields, and deliciously sticky buds that look as good as they taste.

Marijuana University has teamed up with this master grower to equip our students with everything they need to know to ensure their Sour Diesel grow flourishes and delivers the full medical relief it’s capable of.

About Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is notorious for its strong, sour smell that’s almost intoxicating on its own. Being predominantly sativa, Sour Diesel delivers a head high, but not as intense as other medical-grade strains, making it suitable for daily use.

Like most top shelf strains, Sour Diesel’s history is hazy. Some believe Sour Diesel is simply a variant of Chemdawg, while others are convinced it comes from a cross-breeding of Original Diesel and and mystery skunk phenotype.

The large, dense buds of Sour Diesel range in color from light to dark green and are covered in thick, orange hairs, making this strain as attractive as it is flavorful and effective.

About Our Master Grower

A couple of years ago, we began our search for a master grower of Sour Diesel. We wanted someone with intimate knowledge of the strain to pass onto Marijuana University students, but because Sour Diesel is clone-only, it was hard finding someone who had the experience of taking Sour Diesel from seed to harvest.

Finally, after stumbling into a hidden coffee shop in the back alleys of Amsterdam, we found our master grower, and he’s going to teach you everything you need to reap a bountiful harvest.

Our master grower has been cultivating cannabis as far back as the 80’s and has been breeding his own seeds and running dispensary-grade grow operations ever since.

He also one of the only few who has managed to produce genuine Sour Diesel seeds from a female clone. The same strain that went on to win the 2005 High Times Strain of the Year Award.

Is Sour Diesel the Right Strain for You?

Not only does Sour Diesel have a deliciously potent smell, but this fast-acting and highly energizing strain is also an incredibly effective tool in the fight against depression, migraines, ADD/ADHD, pain, stress and more.

It’s often recommended for daily, mild use, because it doesn’t make you sleepy or cause head fog, but is great for managing symptoms. Sour Diesel provides feelings of euphoria, but may experience dry mouth from overuse.

Growing Sour Diesel

Growing Sour Diesel takes patience, due to its very specific nutrient requirements and strange growth patterns. Pay special attention to your nitrogen and pH levels to ensure you reach maximum potency and are able to avoid any bumps in the road.

Sour Diesel isn’t recommended for total beginners, but arm yourself with the right knowledge from Marijuana University, and you’ll be growing like a pro in no time.

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