Growing dispensary-grade cannabis was always a struggle for me, and my harvests always came up a little short. After following the expert guides at Marijuana University, my buds are bigger, stronger, and I saved myself a bunch of time and money in the process. Mr. John DoeMarijuana University Graduate

No two strains are exactly alike, and the right seeds are only the first step. They each require an exact blend of nutrients, a unique lighting schedule, and other strain-specific special care, in order thrive and flourish to their full potential.

The Finest Strains, The Perfect Grow, Straight from the Pros

Who knows what it takes to achieve maximum yields and potency better than the creators of the seeds themselves? Nobody, that's who!

That's why we've teamed up with today's best seed makers from around the world, to show you exactly how to grow these strains they way they were intended. It's literally their job to perfect the growing process for these in-demand strains, and now they're going to pass their expert knowledge on to you.

NYC DIESELSoma//Soma Seeds
CRITICAL MASSJorge Cervantes//CBD Crew
WHITE RHINOArjan & Franco//Greenhouse Seeds

You've Never Seen THC and CBD Levels Like These Before

These expert seed makers will show you everything they know about growing the finest quality cannabis. After documenting their process, it came time to harvest, and we sent samples to the lab to be tested. The results were amazing.

These results prove the truly remarkable potential of what these strains can do when properly nurtured and cared for. Follow the expert advice contained in these videos and there's no reason you can't replicate the results.