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Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is an extremely controversial cure for cancer. Rick Simpson is a marijuana activist that has dedicated his life to help suffering patients throughout the world with his marijuana extract oil.

Rick Simpson cured his metastatic cancer in 2003 with his marijuana extract oil and since then he started spreading the word about the amazing benefits of his oil , but instead of receiving help and ovation Mr. Simpson has received and incredible amount of opposition from the Canadian government, pharmaceutical companies, health agencies and even the United Nations offices, even after the fact the he has personally treated over 5,000 patients(and he did this for free, he never charged one cent to anyone who came asking for help)

Mr. Simpson has treated patients using his Rick Simpson Oil that had conditions like cancer, aids, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, leukemia, Chron’s disease, depression, osteoporosis, insomnia, glaucoma, asthma, skin burn, migraines, chronic pain, warts and tumors.

In order to treat most serious cancers, according to Mr. Simpson you need about one pound of extremely high quality marijuana; this will produce about 55 to 60 grams of Rick Simpson oil. If the patient’s body has been badly damaged by chemotherapy and radiation, the patient will have to make more in order to repair the damage that the chemotherapy and radiation have done. Some patients will require up to 120 grams of Rick Simpson oil to completely undo the damage.

Mr. Simpson strongly encourages every patient to grow their own marijuana plants in order to make Rick Simpson oil. There 2 main reason for this..

1) If you learn how to grow marijuana yourself, you will know exactly how the plant was grown (No pesticides, or non-organic nutrients in order to increase yield, like many professional growers do) or dangerous chemicals that might cause cancer in order to extract THC from the plant. In order to make Rick Simpson oil, the plant must be grown using organic components, what’s the point of making Rick Simpson Oil and treating yourself if the medicine you’re ingesting is poisoning your body at the same time.

2) Rick Simpson oil is extremely expensive at most dispensaries. Rick Simpson Oil is about 80 per gram, for a 60 gram dose you will spend about 4800 and if you were to need 120 grams you will pay 9600. If you’re to grow your own medicine, you will only spend at the most 200 dlls. And you will have over 240 grams of Rick Simpson Oil per plant.

Mr. Simpson cured his cancer using the White Widow medical marijuana strain. The White Widow should be an indica variety or Indica dominant; this is perfect for pain killing. White widow usually is around 20% THC, which is excellent for Rick Simpson Oil. THC is what has been proven to kill cancer.

If you want to learn how to grow white widow and make Rick Simpson Oil(RSO) from Mr. Rick Simpson himself. Click here to sign up.