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OG Kush

Growing Award Winning OG Kush is Easy When You’re Learning from a Master

Learn to Grow From This Pro

Marijuana University has been searching the world for the best OG Kush grower, and we found him hidden in the mountains of Northern California. This individual has been growing OG Kush since 1995 (yeah, that’s almost 20 years!), and has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for his OG Kush contributions.

There’s a lot of controversy over where OG Kush originated. OG Kush’s history, and what is and isn’t OG Kush are two other frequently revisited debates in online 420 communities. Heck, people can’t even agree on what OG stands for.

One thing we do know is that OG Kush gets the job done, is the favorite strain of many thousands of cannabis users, and is a staple of Californian’s diet of greens.

You can learn from one of the few legit OG Kush growers out there, and soak up everything he has learned in the last 20 years, about growing this very exact strain to perfection.

About OG Kush

OG Kush is not actually a kush, but with a murky hereditary history, it’s been rumored that it does have traces of kush in its lineage.

OG Kush, which started gaining popularity in 1995 around Los Angeles, has some of the highest THC levels of any other variety of kush. In fact, it can be so strong that it’s often too much for light users.

Most varieties of this strain have a piney, earthy taste and smell, and is sometimes harsh when not grown properly.

Is OG Kush the Right Strain for You?

OG Kush probably isn’t the best strain for the first time smoker, but someone with a little more experience, and a need to deal with anxiety and chronic pain, can really benefit from this THC-heavy strain.

Growing OG Kush

OG Kush can be difficult to grow without the proper guidance, but because the effects of OG Kush are powerful and long-lasting, and a little bit can go a long way. It can be grown indoors and outdoors making this strain popular among many growers.

Growing a mediocre OG Kush plant isn’t rocket science, but maximizing your yields and potency does get pretty sophisticated.

Techniques like, how to use specific soil mix to increase yields by an ounce per plant and old-school lightning tips that will increase THC by 5% is the kind of expert advice you can only find at Marijuana University.

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