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NYC Diesel

See How Easy It Is To Grow This World-Famous Strain

When NYC Diesel was first unleashed on the medical marijuana world, it was quickly followed by a string of awards that proves NYC Diesel is as high quality as Sour Diesel, but perfected.

With a strain of this caliber, it can't be grown by just anyone. In order to grow NYC Diesel at the quality and potency it deserves, you must first understand what nutrients it thrives on, its flowering schedule, and everything else that makes this strain tick.

Marijuana University will equip you with everything you need to know to ensure your NYC Diesel grow flourishes and delivers the full medical relief it’s capable of.

About NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel was created by the notorious Soma of Soma Seeds to commemorate the 9/11 attacks on his hometown of New York City.

By cross breeding Sour Diesel with Soma's favorite Afghani/Hawaiian indica strain, he was able to create an sativa-dominant hybrid with flavors and scents of sweet grapefruit, lemongrass, and lime, reminiscent of Sour Diesel’s flavor profile.

The large, fluffy buds of NYC Diesel are covered in thick, orange hairs, making this strain as attractive as it flavorful and effective.

Is NYC Diesel the Right Strain for You?

NYC Diesel is known to treat a wide variety of symptoms. It’s best known for its effects on stress, anxiety, and depression, but has been known to provide pain relief as well.

It’s often recommended for daily, mild use, because it doesn’t make you sleepy cause head fog. NYC Diesel provides feelings of euphoria, but overdo it and you may experience mild paranoia.

Growing NYC Diesel

Growing NYC Diesel takes patience, due to its very specific nutrient requirements and strange growth patterns. Pay special attention to your nitrogen and pH levels to ensure you reach maximum potency and are able to avoid any hiccups.

NYC Diesel isn’t recommended for total beginners, but arm yourself with the right knowledge, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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