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Nirvana Northern Lights Autoflowering Grow

Northern Lights is possibly one of the most popular strains in the world, featured in the movie Pineapple Express. Originally created in Holland, Northern Lights is the parent of many of today's top strains and has won most of top cannabis cups in the world.

This specific autoflowering strain is a result of decades of experienced breeding by Nirvana grow experts.

Northern Lights is one of the favorite strains for marijuana growers worldwide because of it's easy growing capabilities and good levels of THC.

This specific strain is highly recommended for beginner growers. Nirvana Northern Lights Autoflowering plant is very easy to grow during vegetative state and tolerates extremely hot temperatures. Some growers have reported of making several cooling mistakes during their full grow cycle and their grow tent would go up to 120 degrees fahrenheit or 48 degrees celsius and the plant would not even show signs of stress

When growing Northern Lights AutoFlowering Strain by Nirvana you can expect a plant with a high-flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, excellent resin production and around 3 oz per plant on your first grow.

This specific strain of Northern Lights by Nirvana has been breeded to be grown outdoors too. It's perfect for a home garden where smell might become a problem. Expect a sweet fruity smell with this strain

Average flowering time for this strain is 8-9 weeks and yield for a beginner under unoptimal conditions when grown indoors is around 3 oz. Under perfect grow conditions this strain when grown indoors can yield around 12 oz per plant

When grown outdoors and everything is dialed in for perfect grow you can expect up to 1 lb marijuana per plant.

Because of its excellent yield, robustness, mold resistance,low smell and the fact that it can be grown anywhere whether it be on soil, indoor, outdoor and hydroponics this Nirvana Northern Lights Auto strain an excellent choice for the home and commercial grower

Click here if you want to learn how to grow up to 12 oz of the Nirvana Northern Lights AutoFlowering strain