How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Royal Queen

of Royal Queen Seeds

Cannabis also known as marijuana, weed or ganja has turned from the devil’s plant to a multi-billion dollar cash crop, and like any plant it usually starts from a single source, the cannabis seed. Throughout history, cultures with a cannabis producing background have used several methods to germinate their seeds. Some of those methods even included sacrificing goats to their water and sun gods, but now thanks to technology you don’t have to do any of that.

In the last couple of decades, high tech agricultural development have taken the process of producing cannabis from a rudimentary process to a complete science. This developments has allowed people to grow cannabis anywhere in the world, but not only can you grow anywhere in the world, this developments have made it possible for anyone to achieve almost 100% success rate on every process of the cannabis producing stage..

But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s start with the first step in the cannabis producing stage. That step is called germination.

In this Royal Queen Seeds sponsored video, watch how Royal Queen Seeds germinates their seeds in order achieve a 100% success rate.

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