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Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is a pure sativa that comes from the Santa Marta mountain range in Colombia. Colombian Gold is a high altitude plant.

According to history books, Simon Bolivar used Colombian Gold during his trips around the amazons, in which he exchanged for spices and medicinal plants.

The “gold” in Colombian gold comes from the golden hue that the plant leaves have, but then it changed and to refer to the extremely high quality of the plant, especially the high price.

In the 1960’s Colombian Gold was shipped by the tons to hippie community.

Colombian Gold grows tall and branchy during vegetative state due to it’s sativa phenotype.

Colombian Gold can be grown indoor and outdoor. Flowering time for indoor is 70-90 days and outdoor harvest time is at the end of November.

Yield is excellent, for an indoor plant, you can expect to get 350g indoor and outdoor between 400-600 grams per plant.

Colombian Gold has a medium level pest and mould resistance.

Colombian gold has been tested at 19% THC.

Colombian Gold effects are extremely psychedelic and will last for about 3 hours. A strong sativa, cerebral high, you will get alert and active and fully functional.

Colombian Gold has a musky, citrusy with a slight skunky smell. Once you smell Colombian Gold you will certain be reminded of many strains, probably because Colombian Gold was used as a parent for many strains including Skunk #1.

Patients use Colombian Gold for fibromyalgia/MS/RSD.

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