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Chemdawg, the legendary marijuana strain praised by marijuana connoisseur’s worldwide.

Like many others, Chemdawg has quite a past. In 1991, at Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, Joebrand and Pbud met Chemdog and sold him an ounce of of extremely good quality marijuana for $500 dlls.

Chemdog was so impressed by Joe’s marijuana they both arranged another deal. In couple of weeks afterwards, Joe shipped 2 ounces to Chemdog, one of them was sinsemilla and the other one had 13 seeds.

Chemdog planted 4 out of the 13 seeds. One came out a male was quickly disposed of. The next 3 were labeled as “chemdawg” or as is now known “’91 chemdawg”, “chemdawg a” or “chemdawg sister” and “chemdawg b”.

Fast foward to 2001, Chemdog tried to germinate another 3 seeds, but 2 of them failed only, one was kept. From this seed the Reunion strain was born.

Chemdog status is legendary and sometimes even worshipped by medical marijuana patients worldwide. The main reason is because it’s rumored that Chemdog is the parent of none other than OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Currently, several seed companies including Greenhouse Seeds, Humboldt Seed Organization and Medicann Seeds sell Chemdawg variations.

Chemdawg flowering time is 60 days indoor and harvest is in the first week of October.

Yields are 800 gr/m2 with a 9 weeks flowering time indoor with training and outdoors you can expect 1.8 lbs when grown in the right environment.

Chemdawg buds have distinct gassy smell that once you smell it you will always associated with a nice bud of Chemdawg, If you think Sour Diesel smells strong, Chemdawg is Sour Diesel times 10. Also, Chemdawg’s smoke is a pine-sol with slight tint of jet fuel like smell.

Chemdawg’s high is sometimes too strong and produces anxiety for the less experienced smokers. It’s well known as a “one-hit wonder”. It has been tested at 20% THC.

Chemdawg is used by medical marijuana patients to mainly treat insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain.

“It only takes Two bowls to get gooned out, then in 30-40 mins you have to top it off again. Great strain”

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