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Cannatonic originally created by Jorge Cervantes for Resin Seeds of Barcelona,Spain. Cannatonic is a hybrid cross which is known to have an almost perfect 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

Cannatonic is the marijuana strain that started the CBD movement in Europe. Cannatonic has won several cannabis cups through out the world, including the Emerald Cup in 2010, which is hosted in Northern California and is the World's Only Outdoor Organic competition.

Cannatonic has a sweet piney lemon aroma with a slight tint of diesel like smell. While the smell might not sound so pleasant, Cannatonic delivers when it comes to it's medicinal effects.

Cannatonic has been know to outperform Sativex( which is a cannabinoid mouth spray made by GW Pharmaceuticals) and traditional pain killers, all of this without the "high"

"This is a great medical marijuana strain, I have chronic abdominal pain and Cannatonic has helped me with the pain relief, if not better than pain killers prescriped by my doctor, including Sativex. The horrible is pain is gone in 15 minutes, and at the same time I'm not completely incapacitated that I can't function."

Cannatonic is usually used to treat pain, anxiety, stress, depression and muscle spasms.

Cannatonic is an excellent plant to be grown indoors or outdoors and is very resistant to pests.

While is susceptible to mold, when grow in the right conditions Cannatonic can deliver up to 14 oz per plant, which is almost 1 lb medical grade marijuana.

Flowering time usually lasts around 8-9 weeks indoor and outdoors Cannatonic is ready to be harvested by October

Click here if you want to learn how to grow up to 14 oz per plant of perfect 1:1 medical grade Cannatonic at Marijuana University.