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Afghan Kush Special

Afghan Kush Special is a strain that was selectively bred by World of Seeds. Breeders at World of Seeds tweaked a pure indica kush strain directly from the Hindu Kush mountain area in northern Afghanistan into a guaranteed 100% indica.

The master breeders at World of Seeds achieved this by planting thousands of Afghan Kush plants and hand picked their best male and female plants, and cross breed them. Their result, was an Afghan Kush strain that kept it’s pure indica qualities, trademark hash like taste and aroma, and incredible Indica stone.

Afghan Kush Special is an excellent strain to start learning how to grow marijuana, predominantly known to grow one huge central cola if left untrained, Afghan Kush Special is also know to take huge amount of nutrients without showing signs of nutrient burn.

During vegetative state Afghan Kush Special will develop super strong branches that require absolutely no support at all and flower beautiful hard buds that will take plenty of damage. One of our student growers told us that somehow his outdoor afghan kush special fell to it’s side 2 weeks before harvest and not one 1 branch or 1 bud suffer any damage.

Afghan Kush special is an ideal strain for indoor growing. This strain produces 400 gr per m2 and flowers in 55 days, but when it’s grown outdoors you will be extremely surprised. Afghan Kush Special will grow up to 5 feet real quick and on full outdoor grow cycle it can grow up to 7 feet. Flowering time for an outdoor grows of Afghan Kush Special is 6-8 week and you can start harvesting by early October.

One grower reported that he grew Afghan Kush Special outdoors in the hot and humid Texas Summer and the plant didn’t complain at all, the plant thrive in 105+ degrees and that as long as you water 2 times a day you’re plant won’t get stunted by the heat. Also, due to it’s toughnes, Afghan Kush Special it’s extremely mold and pest resistant.

Afghan Kush Special has been tested at 20% THC. Medical marijuana patients use Afghan Kush Special to treat their stress, anxiety and pain. Afghan Kush Special packs quite a punch gives a heady and intense body high.

One particular patient who suffers from Chron’s disease said the following.

"It gave me a greater appetite / digestion stability than other strains, which is primarily my reason for trying this strain (Crohn's disease ; severely underweight). Fantastic strain, and definitely an all-time favorite for medicinal purposes."

If you want to learn how to grow up to 1.5 lbs of Afghan Kush Special per plant, click here to sign up.