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Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a sativa strain that comes from the hills of Acapulco, Mexico. Acapulco Gold is one of the most famous marijuana strains ever; Acapulco Gold was even mentioned in 1978 Cheech’s and Chong Up In Smoke film.

It’s argued by marijuana connoisseurs that Acapulco Gold is one of the best marijuana strains ever created, but as years pass by it’s extremely hard to find Acapulco Gold that is grown in it’s true natural form outdoors by the coast; this is due to the majority of medical marijuana growers moving their operations indoors due to regulations.

The name Acapulco Gold comes from how the plant looks when it’s ready to harvest, right when Acapulco Gold reaches its peak, the beautiful colas will shine bright like if they were sprinkled with gold dust and will also have a reddish brown undertone, with glistening crystals all over the buds.

Currently, Barney's Farm is the only seed maker that produces Acapulco Gold seeds, while Barney's Farm seed is a hybrid strain, it still posses the sativa dominant genes and full Acapulco Gold characteristics.

Acapulco Gold is well known to contain high levels of THC. Recently, it was tested at 23% THC.

Acapulco Gold loves to be grown outdoors but it can also be grown indoors. Indoor flowering time is 70-75 days and outdoor harvest time is Mid-October

Acapulco Gold indoor yield is about 500 gr/m2 and outdoors depends on the size of the plant.

Acapulco Gold’s bud has slight smell of saffron and butter scotch, but as soon as you break up the bud in half you will get strong smell of burnt toffee that will overpower any other smell, Acapulco’s taste is very spicy with a hint of cinnamon, ginger and strong nutmeg taste.

Medical marijuana patients use Acapulco Gold to treat stress, anxiety and depression.

“No wonder this is a legendary strain. I remember having the rare opportunity to smoke this holy grail bud over 30 years ago and to say the least best buzz on the planet. Over 30 years later the legend stays true! Very pleasant subtle draw. Smooth on the exhale. Taste is like, for lack of better a burnt hay and light smokey toffee hints.. Loving the body hit and the pain relief is there, oh yes it is there! Love this. Wish I would have bought more than one gram. It will always be on my search list!!! Thank you Cheech and Chong!!!.”

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