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Master the Art Of Growing Marijuana

Get Certified by Marijuana University and learn:

  • How to get maximum yields and potency
  • How to get the medicine you need at a fraction of the cost
  • The techniques of repeat Cannabis Cup winners.
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Which Sounds Like You?

‘I Wish I Could Get Dispensary-Grade Cannabis without the Dispensary Prices’

Wish you could get your hands on the finest buds without spending a large chunk of your paycheck at the nearest dispensary?

‘I Don’t Have Access to Medical Marijuana”

Tired of getting yourself into sketchy situations because you need your medicine but don’t have access to a dispensary or caregiver?

From seed germination to harvesting and everything in between, Marijuana University's step-by-step course will dig deep into the cultivation process, equipping you with all the skills and techniques needed to successfully start growing top-shelf medical cannabis from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Growing 101: From Seed to Pro in 12 Weeks

This 150+ page online course uses simple, jargon-free language, so even the most novice students and cannabis connoisseurs can become masters of the art of growing marijuana.

Intro to Growing

  • Synopsis

Chapter 1: Cannabis Varieties

  • Introduction Lesson
  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Ruderalis
  • Chapter Quiz

Chapter 2: Seeds and Seedlings

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Where To Buy Seeds
  • Germination Requirements
  • Step-By-Step Germination
  • Planting Seeds
  • Chapter Quiz

Chapter 3: Clones

  • Lesson Introduction
  • and so forth

Chapter 4: Sprouting Planting Seeds & Rooting Clones

Chapter 5: Vegetative State

Chapter 6: Grow Room Environment - Vegetative Stage

Chapter 7: Cannabis Training - Vegetative Stage

Chapter 8: Flowering

Chapter 9: Harvesting

Chapter 10: Equipment

Chapter 11: Nutrients

Chapter 12: Light

Chapter 13: Climate

Chapter 14: Pest

Chapter 15: Final Exam

Learn at Your Own Pace

hands planting marijuana seedling

Learn to master The Art of Growing Marijuana at whatever speed fits your schedule. Come back for a refresher or use our course as a reference whenever you need it.

Access to Experts

group of marijuana cultivation experts

Upon enrolling at Marijuana University, you’ll get instant access to our member-only Q&A Forum, so you can get your questions answered by our faculty of expert growers.

Get Certified by Marijuana University

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Pass the multiple choice certification exam with a grade of 88% and receive your own Marijuana University Certificate by mail or post it to your LinkedIn profile to show off your newly earned skill.

Developed by Expert Growers, Made for Everyone

The Growing 101 from Seed to Pro course was developed by a group of award winning growers, some who have won multiple prestigious awards such as the High Times Cannabis cup. These guys know what they’re doing, and teaching it to others is second nature for them.

These expert growers are able to cultivate plants with THC and CBD levels so off the charts that they’ll make you do a double take. See for yourself:

marijuana lab results

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, using their techniques outlined in the pages of Growing 101 from Seed to Pro course, you too can grow plants that are potent and pure enough to get you the relief your body needs.

The Same High-Grade Medication at a Fraction of the Cost With the size of the yields you’ll be able to grow, what you’ll be paying for your medical cannabis will be only a fraction of the cost for the same strains at the country's best dispensaries.

marijuana lab scientist

Getting Certified by Marijuana University in 4 Steps

first step in certification

Enroll at MJU

And get access to the course.

second step in certification

Follow the Course

And learn all there is to know about growing.

third step in certification

Take the Exam

And you’ll have earned your certification!

final step in certification

Get Certified

Via Mail and/or your LinkedIn profile

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Your Guide to Growing Medical Grade Cannabis at Home

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