• MJU 01 : Testing Your Marijuana

    Martin Paredes on Oct 2nd 2014 with 0 Comments

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    Welcome to the first podcast episode of Marijuana University. In this weeks episode I interview Mr. Skip Sanzeri  the COO of CDX Life. For those of you who don’t know CDX Life is the company behind MyDx Cannabis analyzer, which is a product that can revolutionize the cannabis industry.

    The MyDx Cannabis analyzer by CDX Life analyzes and quantifies the amount of THC, CBD and CBN and terpenoids in your cannabis strain; whether it be something you grew in your medical garden or something bought in a dispensary.

    The MyDX analyzer has one main sensor for the cannabis industry. The Canna sensor. The Canna sensor is programmed to look for terpenoids which give each strain a very unique and synergy in conjuction with the compounds found in cannabis such as THC and CBD.

    MyDx App Look


    MyDx Analzyer and App

    Listen to this weeks episode and find out

    • Who is behind the MyDX cannabis analyzer
    • How did the idea came up
    • How fast it takes for the Canna Sensor to analyze a sample of cannabis
    • How accurate is the MyDx cannabis analyzer compared to a lab test
    • When the MyDx will be available to the public
    • What is the OrganaDx sensor and how it might work together with the MyDx analyzer

    Mentioned in the Episode

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    Thanks for listening and please let me know what you think.  Criticism is encouraged.

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